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Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated

$239.00 $329.00

Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated
Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated Petrek 3G (GPS) - IP67 Waterproof rated

$239.00 $329.00

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ATTENTION: Product is now back in stock! 

Only limited stock of 50 units arrived so order now as next shipment not due till late June 2022. 

Shipment will be sent out within 1-2 working days of ordering via Overnight courier (Next working day)

*Please note every Petrek 3G unit includes a Vodafone SIM already fitted. Make sure you read the fine prints before purchasing the product especially the points on reception and accuracy as well as the product dimensions. 

You do not need to purchase anything else unless your dog or cat does not currently have their own collars to which we recommend you to make sure they are used to wearing a collar first before attaching any of our trackers.

Does your cat go missing for days at a time? Is your dog a master escape artist?

Introducing our all new Petrek 3G, officially the smallest 3G Pet tracker in the World. Now fully waterproofed for up to 30 minutes of swimming for Dogs that love water! While, almost 50% smaller than our best selling Petrek GPS trackers.

Finally there is an answer to all the heartache and distress caused by losing a pet. The Petrek 3G delivers the highest standard of pet tracking for owners who want continuous knowledge of the whereabouts of their beloved pets. The 30 gram unit easily attaches onto any cat or dog collar with a special silicon case or a plastic clip and its associated app seamlessly integrates with most smart-phones; both Apple iOS & Android.

In a nutshell, you can find your pet’s latest updated location on your mobile phone; see where they’ve been; and, receive instant alerts if your pet breaches the boundaries of your property. The mobile application uses satellite Google mapping images and can compile a day to day history of where your dog or cat has been roaming. 

There are three simple tracking modes to choose from: urgent mode which will track your pets location on 30 second interval updates; normal mode which will track your pets location on 5 minutes interval updates; or, power saving mode which will track your pets location on 2 hours interval updates and will also increase the Petrek’s battery performance up to 5 days (Battery life may last as low as 2 days in certain situations, please read the fine prints below).

Note that each update requires both GPS and GSM signal, so it won't always update or provide an accurate update if your pet is just sitting at home watching TV with you!

Unlike competing products on the market, the Petrek 3G does not bind you into any contracts or on-going monthly fees. Every order comes with a Vodafone prepay pay & go sim card. You will just need to add credit to the SIM card much like a prepay phone to start using your Petrek 3G and top it up once a year. 

We are the first to have a  Pet tracker that now supports the SPARK/SKINNY network giving you more rural tracking range! However please note Spark/Skinny will cost more to run due to how their data pack is used. Please read the bottom of the page on Spark/Skinny costs.

Order your Petrek 3G today and be reassured that your bundle of joy will always be in safe hands with Petrek.

Fine print:

  • Currently, the only on-going costs are from the Vodafone prepay SIM (included) which requires a $20 a year minimum top up to keep the SIM active.

    Starting 2022 Google has started charging map service/security update fee of approximately $18 a year per tracker, in order for our apps to use the latest Google map updates. This is not a contractual subscription but a prepay payment like a Vodafone prepay card and is only required if you are wanting to make usage of the device for another year.  First year map service fee is free so you do not have to worry about this for at least a year after first usage. For more information please click  here 

  • iPet App best used with newer Android phones and iPhones with at least a 1.2ghz Dual core processor. Recommend Android phones for best usage.
  •  Heat mapping feature is available on Android devices only due to iOS limitations; iPhone's iOS may sometimes put the app to sleep to save battery consumption. So iPhone users may need to restart app from time to time. 
  • Petrek 3G is suitable for small to large sized pets that are around 3.5-4kg and up. Please check dimensions and weight (30 grams) before purchase. We DO NOT provide refunds should you find the item too big and especially after it's been worn or tried on. Please read our Refund policy at the bottom of the checkout page for more information.

  • Dimensions are 46mm(L) x 38mm(W) x 19mm(H) while the weight is 30 grams.

  • Please note battery life is very dependent on reception and many variables. The better the reception the longer the battery life. This can range from 3 hours all the way up to 3 days or longer. Please read battery life expectations below.
  • The accuracy of each update depends on the GPS signal strength and the accuracy of Google map in the area and can vary from 0.5-30m+. Inaccuracies occur most often if the tracker isn't moving much or is wedged between the wall or ground. Poor GPS signal which occur indoors or under shelter can provide inaccuracies of up to 200m+ or even 1000m in certain environments. This is the characteristic of all real time GPS trackers as they work best when "on the move" and why we stress that you must always check the GPS signal strength before determining the accuracy of each update.

  • Each update requires GPS signal (direct view of the sky), GSM signal (mobile reception) and movement. Without these three necessities the tracker will not update or give accurate location updates. E.g., When the cat is indoor. In this case, the app will just show the last locked GPS location (outside) before the cat went indoors or show a weak GPS signal update from afar. In other cases, if the cat is close to an building or property and just lazing on the deck or driveway this can also trigger inaccurate GPS sway points which can be up to 200 metres or more off it's location, this is because when movement is minimal and the tracker is wedged between the neck and the ground signals can be blocked. Basically, GPS trackers work best when outside and on the move but a full guide is given to help you determine its accuracy based on signal strength.

  • Geo-fencing may trigger false alarms due to inaccurate GPS sway points as explained above, this is not a fault but a characteristic of bad GPS signal when indoor or when the tracker is wedged between the pet and the ground/fence etc. Users are advised to set a Geo-fence zone not too close to homes to reduce false alarms. 
  • Device is IP67 waterproof certified, meaning the tracker can be fully submerged in water for up to 30 minutes long and 1 metre deep. Please make sure tracker is taken out of silicon case and rinsed with tap water and dried straight after each beach or pond visit. No warranty is provided if corrosion is found on the charging point as this indicates lack of maintainence/cleaning after regularly usages. 

  • All Petrek trackers are made to come off should your pet become stuck in a tight situation or area, such as a rabbit hole, under a house, over a fence or even a tree. This is to prevent our trackers from becoming a choking device. We are not liable for any loss of trackers especially when the trackers come off during a struggle under a building or rabbit hole where no GPS signal is available.
  • Every tracker requires a SIM card, so when you receive your Petrek 3G, we will already have a Vodafone Prepay SIM inserted in the tracker ($0 credit) with instructions on how credit/top up before usage. While a Spark or Skinny SIM will also work it will cost significantly more to run. Please contact us first if you'd still like a Spark SIM fitted in your tracker, costings are at the bottom of the page. 

  • Please check the mobile reception in your area for Vodafone using vodafone's coverage map. We do not provide refunds for trackers that have been taken out of the box and used only to find there is no mobile reception in your area. Please make sure you check the Vodafone coverage page below. The Petrek 3G runs on 2G/3G network only. Does not matter what your phone runs on. ) 
    Tracker works on Vodafone, Spark & Skinny network but comes with a Vodafone SIM fitted due to lower costs. 

  • Petrek 3G is small, but this also means it has a much smaller antennas, so if you are in an area with sketchy/weak mobile reception, the tracker may not always update and can drain battery  faster. So it is recommended that you consider the larger sized Petrek GPS which has a bigger antenna making it work better in weaker reception areas. 
  • All Petrek GPS and 3G trackers come with builtin rechargeable battery. The Petrek 3G uses a world first magnetic waterproof charging port, this means you can charge without pulling any waterproof covers. Charging is required daily on frequent update modes (Urgent. normal etc) or can be charged once every 2-5 days if in power saving mode.

  • Make sure you read and understand our return and refund policy before you make an order. Please do not order if you do not agree with the conditions.


Live Location

Get live location updates by the press of a button shown on Google Maps with an accuracy of up to 0.5 metres so you know the  location of your pet. You can choose to have the tracker updating every 30 seconds (Urgent mode), 5 minutes (Normal mode), or 2 hours. (Power saving mode)

Battery life is dependent on settings above.

*Satellite Live location updates require full GSM and GPS signal. GPS signals require clear sight of sky. The most accurate location updates will be received when tracker is outdoors. Google map accuracy can also effect total accuracy of tracker. Bad weather, hilly terrain etc all can have a accuracy bias of up to 20 or even 30 metres in extreme cases. Some rural and outdoor areas may have poor GPS reception due to limited Satellite stations and also inaccurate Google Map placement, so please allow 2 metres and up to 15 metre accuracy in certain areas. Please check your area’s GPS signal with various GPS apps if you are unsure of your GPS and GSM reception. Indoors may show no GPS signal or weak signal which means accuracy will be limited and can be up to 5km away. Read our FAQ for more on accuracy.

Satellite View

With the touch of a button you can zoom into full satellite imagery so you know which house, tree or fence is nearest your pet.

*Satellite view and any other live view is only accurate when there is GPS signal, if there is no GPS signal the app will show you the nearest cell tower for an idea of the area until the tracker moves out to an area with reception.

Street View Technology

Still not sure where your pet is? Drag the little Google street view person to the location of your pet and get an instant idea of the house or garden they are in!


Through the iPet App for both Android and iOS phones you can now put your finger on your property and immediately create a proximity circle that you can adjust from 100 metres to 999 metres. Depending on your update time, should the iPet app detect your dog or cat outside the proximity circle on the latest location update, you will get an alert and notifications within seconds!

 *Geo-Fencing relies on GPS signals for the Petrek GPS to update its location . As long as the tracking is moving (not in sleep mode) and outdoors, the breach will be picked up. Please also note GSM network is required to send the notification to your phone.

Low Battery Alert

When your Petrek GPS is about to run out of juice, you will receive a notification via iPet App.

*Low battery alert applies only if there is GSM signal. If the tracker is in an area with no GSM reception, you may not receive the alert.


Battery Life

If the Petrek 3G does not detect movement, it simply goes to sleep mode. In pure sleep mode, it can last up to 1600 hours. However in practical use, depending on how active your pet is, update frequency and features you set to.

- Normal mode (5-10 min updates) - Approx 7-10hours

- Urgent mode (30 Sec updates) 3-5 hours

- Power saving mode (2 hour updates) 2-3 days

*Battery life varies significantly depending on usage levels, For example in places with poor reception (when indoors) battery life can decrease up to 2 hours from the usual ratings. Howeber, if your pet is normally out and about in open areas where the tracker don't have to constantly hunt for better reception the battery life will increase. Read our FAQ for more information.

*Note Switching back from Power saving mode may take up to 20min (If the tracker is out in the open with GPS signal and cell reception) as the Petrek 3G goes to sleep for 2 hours to save power, however if Geo-fence is triggered on the next update, it will send an notification and change back to “normal” mode.


IP67 Waterproofing + SIM card costs/info

Does your dog like to take a dip at the beach or at the backyard stream? No worries, the Petrek 3G has been certified and has passed it’s IP67 ratings which means your Dog or even your cat can go swim at the local swimming pool for up to 30 minutes! Of course, as long as they don't dive deeper than 1 metre.

*IP67 rating does not allow the tracker to be used for deep water diving. Warranty will not be given if water damages are found.

† Please note that while we do not charge any ongoing fees for APP usage, the Petrek 3G requires a prepay SIM card loaded with credit for text or data charges to function.

The i-Pet app uses data for location updates only. [approx. 0.0017MB per automatic location update]
Text or data charges would depend on the rates from the Telco company.

for more info on data charges please go to 

Ideally on Spark/Skinny each update is charged at 5 cents so it is best to use a data plan such as the 50mb/7 days $2 plan which will cost $8 a month to run.

On Vodafone Pay & Go prepay it will cost around $10-20 a year to run depending on your usage level.


Lintek and any of it’s agents and retailers do not take any responsibility if your pet is lost and is not found while using any of our trackers.