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Article: Google Map Service fees

Google Map Service fees

Please note, The Google map app fee is separate from the Vodafone / One NZ SIM Credit. So make sure if your device has reached 12 months that your SIM is topped up again as per our setup guides, if you have not put a reminder to do this please do it as soon as you can to avoid an expired/inactive SIM which can occur if not topped up for more than 13 months.

For the past 10 years since launching Petrek we have been able to use Google map services free of charge with the latest updates to keep the trackers updating as accurately as possible. While the only charges were for the Vodafone prepay SIMs which goes directly to Vodafone to keep the SIM active. 

In 2017 Google services notified us that they would likely start charging service fees for using their map services in tracking apps within the next 5 years. Unfortunately they have decided to charge us these fees earlier this year in 2020. 

However, we feel it is unfair to charge thousands of our customers without a proper heads up so we will be covering this payment until 1st of January 2022.

What this means for all current Petrek users and customers who has purchased a Petrek unit before 1st of January 2021 you will not need to pay this fee until 1st of January 2022.

After 1st of January 2022 if you are still wanting to carry on using your Petrek unit you'll just need to follow the app prompts and pay a $15usd fee which will then provide you a 12 month license for continual usage of the app.

This way our iPet app will always be updated by Google with the latest map updates.

Customers whom has purchased a Petrek unit from January 2021 onwards, you're unit will automatically activate the first free 12 months from from your first update. So if you setup/turn on your device on March 2021, then the app fee will not expire until March 2022. 

We hope this makes full sense and thou it seems there is a yearly fee please do keep in mind these costs do not go directly to us. The SIM credit goes to the Telco provider while the App fee goes towards Google. This has been our promise since day 1 to keep on-going costs lower than all our competitors.

So in a nutshell, nothing changes until 2022!

Thanks and stay safe!

-The Petrek Team


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