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Petrek GPS-4

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*You will need to make sure your dog or cat is used to wearing a collar and has their own collar before purchasing and attaching the Petrek unit. It is advised that they are used to wearing a collar first or they may try wiggling it off all at once. 

*Every Petrek GPS-4 comes with everything you need including an ONE NZ Prepay sim already fitted, you will just need to make a $20 top up for the first 12 months and thereafter. A small Google map app fee applies after the first 12 months.

(See fine prints below for costings and important notes before you make an order)

The Petrek GPS-4 is the world's smallest 4G LTE pet tracker with WiFi HomeZone technology, which delivers increased battery life and indoor accuracy. In comparison to the Petrek 3G unit, which has served the Petrek community for almost eight years, we are now able to reduce inaccurate location updates caused by poor GPS signals when indoors, as well as increase battery life, which is especially important for pets that spend most of their time inside and around the house.  
(In depth technical details available here)

The high-end, Austrian-made Swiss chipset makes the Petrek GPS-4 the best pet tracking device for owners looking to stay on top of their pets' whereabouts. The 30 gram unit easily attaches onto your current cat or dog's collar with a specially designed silicon case and its associated app seamlessly integrates with most smartphone's; on both Apple iOS & Android.

If the device has the necessary receptions, you can use your mobile phone to check your pet’s most recent location, track their movements, and receive alerts if they leave your a certain zone. The mobile app utilizes satellite images from Google Maps and can create a daily history of your dog or cat's whereabouts.

There are three simple tracking modes to choose from:
Urgent mode which will track your pets location in 30 second interval updates; normal mode which will track your pets location in 5 minutes interval updates; or, power saving mode which will track your pets location in 2 hours interval updates and will also increase the Petrek’s battery performance up to 3 days (Battery life may last as low as 1-2 days in certain situations even under power saving mode, please read the fine prints below)

The Petrek GPS-4 sets itself apart from other products on the market by not requiring any contracts or ongoing monthly fees. Each purchase includes a Vodafone prepay pay & go SIM card, with users only needing to add credit to the card, similar to a prepay phone, to start using the Petrek unit. The only ongoing costs will be the 12-monthly credit top-up ($10-20NZD) and a $15 USD Google Maps app fee, making the expenses comparable to those of a prepay phone.

The Petrek GPS-4 can also be used with the SPARK/SKINNY network giving you more rural tracking range! However please note Spark/Skinny will cost more to run due to how their data pack is used. Please read the bottom of the page on Spark/Skinny costs.

Order your Petrek GPS-4 today and be reassured that your bundle of joy will always be in safe hands with Petrek.

Fine print:

-Make sure you read and understand our return and refund policy before you make an order. 

-The Vodafone prepay SIM has a minimum annual top-up requirement of $20 to maintain its activation, without any contractual subscriptions. Included in this offer is the Google map app fee for the initial 12 months, after which a fee of $15 USD per year will be applicable. Additional information regarding the Google map app fees can be found here

-The accuracy of each update is heavily reliant on the strength of the GPS signal. Inaccuracies are more likely to occur in scenarios involving minimal movement or confined spaces, particularly indoors or under cover. Although they are infrequent, these inaccuracies can differ by 500m+ or more. Therefore, it is advisable to verify the GPS signal strength to ensure the accuracy of each update, especially when uncertain.

 -Geo-fencing false alarms may occur if your pet enters neighboring properties due to potential limitations in GPS signal indoors or when the tracker is obstructed by the pet or surrounding objects. It is important to note that this is not a flaw, but rather a characteristic of this particular situation. However, the new Wifi Homezone mode has been designed to mitigate this issue by accurately detecting if your pet is within its own home or nearby using your wifi network.

-Petrek GPS-4 is ideal for pets ranging from small to large size, weighing approximately 3.5-4kg and above. Prior to purchasing, kindly verify the dimensions and weight (30 grams). Please note that refunds will not be provided if the item is found to be too large, particularly after it has been worn or tried on.
We urge you to review
 Refund policy before making a purchase.

-Dimensions are 46mm(L) x 38mm(W) x 19mm(H) while the weight is 30 grams.

-Battery life can vary significantly depending on reception quality and a range of other factors. A stronger reception generally leads to a longer battery life, which can range from as short as 3 hours to as long as 3 days or even more. Please refer to the battery life expectations provided below.

 -The Petrek GPS-4 is IP67 waterproof certified, allowing it to be submerged in water up to a depth of 1 meter and for a duration of 30 minutes. Remove the tracker from its silicon case, rinse it with tap water, and promptly dry it after every visit to the beach or pond. It is important to note that the warranty does not cover any damage caused by corrosion on the charging point, which may result from inadequate maintenance or cleaning after regular use.

- Our Petrek trackers are designed to detach easily if your pet gets trapped in a confined space, such as a rabbit hole, underneath a house, over a fence, or even in a tree. This serves to prevent the trackers from becoming a potential choking hazard. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any lost trackers, particularly in cases where they come off during a struggle under a building or in a rabbit hole where GPS signals are not accessible.

-While a Spark or Skinny SIM will also work it will cost significantly more to run. Please contact us first if you'd still like a Spark SIM fitted in your tracker, costings are at the bottom of the page. 

-Please ensure to verify the mobile reception in your locality by referring to One NZ's coverage map. Kindly note that we do not offer refunds for trackers that have been opened and utilized solely to discover a lack of mobile reception in your area. It is strongly advised to consult the coverage page below before making your purchase as the Petrek GPS-4 operates exclusively on the 3G/4G network. Please click the link provided to access the coverage map. ONE NZ coverage map

-Replacement services are available for Petrek trackers when the built-in rechargeable battery starts losing charge, typically within a 3-5 year period based on usage.

Warranty period is 12 Months RTB


Live Location + lightning mode

Receive live location updates on Google Maps with a precision of up to 0.5 meters by simply pressing a button. This feature helps you track the location of your pet accurately. You have the option to select the frequency of updates: every 30 seconds (Urgent mode), 5 minutes (Normal mode), or 2 hours (Power saving mode). The new GPS-4 device introduces a lightning mode, enabling you to prompt the device to update every second for 60 seconds. Please note that this functionality requires both GPS and GSM reception. The battery life varies depending on the chosen settings.

Satellite View

The availability of satellite imagery and other live views is subject to GPS signal. In the absence of GPS signal, the app will provide information on the nearest cell tower as a reference until the tracker regains reception in a suitable area.

Street View Technology

The presence of a built-in Google map allows users to access street view and discover the location of their dog or cat within a specific property or building.


Geo-Fencing relies on GPS signals for the Petrek to update its location. As long as the tracking is moving (not in sleep mode) and outdoors, the breach will be picked up. Please also note that a GSM network is required to send the notification to your phone.

Low Battery Alert

When your Petrek GPS is about to run out of juice, you will receive a notification viathe SafeTrek App

*Low battery alert applies only if there is GSM signal. If the tracker is in an area with no GSM reception, you may not receive the alert.

Battery Life

The new Petrek GPS-4 Wifi HomeZone mode is anticipated to boost battery life by up to 40% for pets who spend more time at home. For pets with higher outdoor activity, the approximate battery life is indicated below. When the Petrek unit doesn't detect movement, it automatically enters sleep mode, lasting up to 1600 hours in this state. However, the actual battery life may significantly differ based on your pet's activity level, update frequency, and enabled features.

- Normal mode (5-10 min updates) - Approx 7-10hours

- Urgent mode (30 Sec updates) 3-5 hours

- Power saving mode (2 hour updates) 2-3 days

Battery life may vary depending on usage levels. In areas with poor reception, such as being indoors away from home, the battery life can decrease by up to 2 hours from the usual ratings.

However, if your pet is often in open areas where the tracker doesn't need to constantly search for better reception, the battery life will improve. For more information, please refer to our FAQ. Please note that switching back from Power saving mode may take up to 20 minutes, provided that the tracker is in an open area with GPS signal and cell reception. During this time, the Petrek unit will go to sleep for 2 hours to conserve power. However, if the Geo-fence is triggered on the next update, a notification will be sent and the tracker will switch back to "normal" mode.

IP67 Waterproofing + SIM card costs/info

Yes, the Petrek 3G is certified and has passed its IP67 ratings. This means your dog or cat can swim at the local swimming pool for up to 30 minutes, as long as they don't dive deeper than 1 meter. Remember to remove the device from the case for a fresh water rinse and clean afterwards.

*IP67 rating does not allow the tracker to be used for deep water diving. Warranty will not be given if water damages are found.

The app uses data for location updates only. [approx. 0.0017MB per automatic location update]

Text or data charges would depend on the rates from the Telco company.

for more info on data charges please go to 

Ideally on Spark/Skinny each update is charged at 5 cents so it is best to use a data plan such as the 50mb/7 days $2 plan which will cost $8 a month to run.

On Vodafone Pay & Go prepay it will cost around $10-20 a year to run depending on your usage level.



Petrek GPS-4
Petrek GPS-4 Sale price$249.00 Regular price$329.00