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Article: The all New Petrek GPS-4

The all New Petrek GPS-4

The all New Petrek GPS-4

The Petrek GPS-4 is scheduled to launch in February 2024 after some delays caused by the global pandemic. Despite the delay, the Petrek 3G continued to be in service for 8 years until now. Although the Petrek GPS-4 is replacing it, the Petrek 3G can still be used as long as the 2G and 3G data networks are available. We will continue to provide support and repair services for the Petrek 3G. While the 3G network is expected to shut down at the end of 2024, the 2G data network will remain operational until at least 2025, so there is no immediate need to upgrade the Petrek 3G.

Main differences between the 3G & GPS-4:

  • The latest GPS-4 model now offers support for 4G, 4G LTE, and 3G as a backup. It is expected that certain locations, particularly rural areas with older network infrastructure, will still have access to 3G data.
  • All new U-Blox Swiss GPS & GSM chipset, lower battery consumption, better accuracy, and lower¬†working heat temperature.¬†

  • All new Lintek GPS and GSM antenna will search, hunt, and lock down signals three times faster compared to the previous Petrek 3G speeds. (Note: This is applicable if both GPS and GSM networks are available during the refresh/update.)
  • The new GPS-4 model is equipped with built-in Wifi IP locationing. Unlike the previous 3G model, the GPS-4 will connect to your home wifi network when it detects that the device is at home, eliminating the need to search for GPS signals indoors. This feature significantly reduces battery usage by over 60%. Therefore, if you have a pet that frequently goes in and out of your home, the extended battery life will be a notable advantage.

  • New smart battery saving firmware reduces power consumption by up to 20% when searching for the same signals as previous models.

  • The new SafeTrek app provides enhanced device security by preventing unauthorized access from anyone, regardless of possessing the serial/IMEI number. Through encryption with your personal Google account, the app ensures maximum privacy protection for all your data.

  • The new lightning mode feature on the Petrek GPS-4 offers the fastest update option, providing updates every second within a 60-second period. Please note that continuous updating may impact battery life and requires mobile reception (GSM)¬†and GPS signal.¬†The lightning mode is designed and will only work sufficiently outdoor¬† with a clear view of the sky and mobile reception.

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