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New iPet App & Petrek 3G/GPS feature

Dear Petrek users,

In the upcoming weeks an automatic update will come through for all Petrek units. This update will add a new feature onto the existing power button which is currently only used for turning the device on and off.

Due to feedbacks from a number of users, we've now enabled a quick refresh function which by a quick 1 second press of the power button will prompt the Petrek unit to send an update into our iPet cloud. This means your iPet or iCare app will receive an update within 20-30 seconds. 

This helps the user determine the status of their device and insures that it is operating before they fit the device onto their furry family member. 

Note that if your Petrek unit is in power saving mode, this feature will switch it back to normal mode which can be useful if you are taking the dog out for a quick walk. You can switch it back in the app anytime to power saving mode. 


If no new updates occur within a minute or so of pressing the button for a refresh, this can mean a few things so below is a list to check.

  • Are you in an area with GSM and GPS reception? Make sure you are outside. If you have weak GSM reception, drive or walk to an area with sufficient reception first. Check Vodafone coverage map if unsure.

  • Does your SIM have credit? Has it been topped up once every 12 months as per our guides?

  • Is the Google map app fee updated? Check the bottom menu and tap on the expiration tab if the app fee has expired.

  • Is the tracker charged for at least an hour while turned off and now turned back on? When device is on, you will see a quick flash of lights when you give it a press, if you do not, press for 3-5 seconds and see if all the lights internally light up and off all together at once. 

  • If all the above is a yes and you still do not get any sort of update on the app, please contact your local support agent below.
    New Zealand:,