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First of all, thank you for choosing Petrek and supporting a 100% NZ owned and branded product.

If you have bought a tracker from us on one of our retailers,our technicians would have already checked your tracker(s) beforehand and it is working as it should.

When you first receive the tracker, make sure you select and read through the setup GUIDES BELOW including information for overseas users as it will help you understand and make full usage of your new Petrek or PetFinder purchase. It is vital that you read and understand how each trackers work and their logic to prevent pet loss. Each guide will show you how to download the iPet Apps required to make use of some of our trackers. Apps are available for newer Android and iOS (iPhone) compatible smart phones only. 

If you are a Australian users please go directly to and follow the setup videos.

For New Zealand and Overseas guides  please check below.

PetFinder LR Multi - Setup Guide - Click Here

Petrek GPS - Setup Guide without SIM - Click Here
(If you did not purchase the extra Vodafone SIM off us)

Petrek GPS - Setup Guide With SIM - Click Here
(If you purchased a SIM and setup pack from us or have already got a SIM pack in your packaging box)

Petrek 3G - Setup Guide - Click Here

Petrek 3G - Overseas user Guides (Anyone outside of New Zealand) - Click Here