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Thank you for choosing Petrek and supporting our 100% New Zealand owned and branded product.

Please ensure that when you receive the tracker, you refer to and go through the setup guides provided below. These guides contain important information for both local and overseas users, and will help you understand and utilize your new Petrek or PetFinder purchase to its fullest potential.

It is crucial that you familiarize yourself with the functioning of the tracker to prevent any incidents of pet loss. Additionally, the guides will demonstrate how to download the necessary apps required for certain models of our trackers. Please note that these apps are only compatible with newer Android and iOS (iPhone) smartphones.

Before downloading and accessing the app, kindly take the tracker outdoors and turn it on. This step ensures that the tracker does not display its last tested location, which is typically in Taiwan. Periodically, our technicians perform random tests, so it is possible for the tracker to display Whenuapai, Auckland as its location.

However, once the tracker is activated by adding credit and taken outside, it should accurately display your approximate location through the app setup. If this is not the case, we recommend going for a drive, as the tracker may not update if the reception is weak, particularly in some areas where weak reception is common.

Remember! GPS trackers are not always accurate indoors, under shelters, or when wedged between your pet's neck and the ground or a wall due to technological limitations. However, the accuracy improves when the tracker is in motion and located in open areas, which is the case for the majority of pets when they roam around.

Please ensure that you have thoroughly read and understood the terms and conditions outlined on our product page, including the fine print, before utilizing our trackers. Additionally, we kindly request you to review our refund and warranty policies by visiting our Refund/Warranty T&C page.

For Australian users, please go directly to and follow the setup videos.

For New Zealand and Overseas guides, please check below.

Petrek GPS4 - Setup Guide - Click Here

Petrek GPS - Setup Guide With SIM - Click Here
(If you purchased a SIM and setup pack from us or have already got a SIM pack in your packaging box)

Petrek 3G - Setup Guide - Click Here

Petrek 3G - Overseas user Guides (Anyone outside of New Zealand) - Click Here