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Petrek 3G for Overseas Users

 If you purchased your Petrek 3G outside of New Zealand, your tracker will come without a SIM Card. A SIM card is required so that your tracker can upload it's position to our iPet App server so that you can see updates on your phone in real time.

Firstly, you'll need to get a 2G, 3G or both compatible SIM Card. So look for a telecommunications company that has good 2G or 3G reception in your area. Make sure it is a prepay one where you don't have to pay monthly and charges very small for data usage. Each update from the Petrek 3G is approimiately 0.017mb. Some telco companies may charge you very little for small data while some may charge a high minimum. For example in New Zealand (Vodafone) and Australia (Aldi) we have SIM cards that charge minimal for small data usage and thus $20nzd credit will last a year. 

After you have activated and credited your mini SIM, please follow the video below.

If your package came with a stretchable silicon/rubber extension for big collars please click here


Next step is to setup the APN, so google search this by typing APN and your telecommunications company name in your country.
For example, Aldi's APN in Australia is ""

So you now need to send a text to the SIM that you just inserted in your Petrek 3G as per below.

Using your mobile send this text the the number of your SIM card that is inserted in the Petrek 3G: 

If for example your SIM provider's APN is internet then its


If succesful you will receive a "SETUP OK: APN" text. (But only after you turn on your tracker where it has mobile reception)

Now follow these videos to complete the learning process on how to attach, turn

Once you've gone through the videos above,  go for a quick 5 min walk for the tracker to pick up in your location (It will currently show as being in Auckland where our test office is). After this you should be able to switch to 30 seconds, 5 min or 2 hour updates accordingly.

Please make sure you read the app FAQ in so you are familiar with the logic of it as this will help you make use of it in the best way. For example, once in power saving mode you need to wait up to maximum of 2 hours to have it change back to normal or urgent due to battery saving techniques. While Geo-fencing only triggers on each update, so if it's on normal mode (5min) then you will be alerted once every 5 min if the app detects the tracker is out of the boundary.

Remember! The tracker only works best when outdoors as GPS signal cannot get indoors and thus accuracy is anywhere from 0.5 to 30 metres! Always go to and read about “GPS accuracy” If you get a purple icon on your updates, that means the tracker is indoor and purple = nearest cell tower, so the tracker will only update to where you are when you are outdoor where GPS signal is available.