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Petrek 3G Guide

Please ensure that you thoroughly review this guide and watch the accompanying video guides in order to familiarize yourself with the operation of the tracker, including turning it on/off, charging, and using the app. While the user guide contains basic instructions, the videos offer a clearer understanding for most users. It is important to take the tracker outdoors and turn it on before downloading and navigating the app.

Otherwise, the tracker may display its last known location, typically in Taiwan. Our technicians occasionally conduct random tests in Whenuapai, Auckland, which may result in the tracker appearing to be in that location. However, once you add credit, take the tracker outside in an open area, and turn it on, it should accurately display your approximate location within the app setup.

Please note the following steps before proceeding with the video and instructions:

1. Please visit ONE NZ Fastpay and enter the 021 number  provided with your package to top up with $20. If you have a Vodafone online account, you can navigate to the top-up menu and choose "top up another number." Select the minimum $10 top-up option, as this is sufficient for 12 months as well. Please only enter a ONE NZ number into the "Txt confirmation box". Entering a non ONE NZ number may cause the system to freeze. We recommend entering the same 021 number in the txt confirmation box.

2. Please set a reminder on your phone to top up again within the next 12 months. If you fail to do so, your SIM will be deactivated on the 13th month, and you will be required to send the device back at your own expense to have a new sim card replaced.

Please ensure that you read the FAQ  if you have any doubts or questions regarding the logic and usage.

If your package came with a stretchable silicon/rubber extension for big collars please click here

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The video below shows you how to download the older version iPet App. The new version iPet app is currently out for iPhone but can be a bit buggy depending on your iPhone version, so we recommend that you first download the iCare app (identical to the app shown in the video below. You can click and download the iCare app from your iPhone from the link below before clicking and carrying on with the video guide.