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Petrek GPS with SIM Purchase

IMPORTANT: Before you go through the video and instructions. Call Vodafone and quote them the number (021 XXX XXXX) on your Vodafone sim pack, ask to setup a pin first so you can add into your online account to top up. If you don't have an online account, simply top up via credit card over the phone and put a notice on your phone to check credit on within the next 10-12 months. A $20 credit should last you up to a year. You could top up with $10 too but make sure you check the balance after 6 months.

After adding credit and going through the video make sure your Petrek GPS is turned on and outside with a clear view of the sky.

Please make sure you read our FAQ below if you are unsure of the logic and usages.

For example, once in power saving mode you need to wait up to 15 minutes to have it change back to normal or urgent due to battery saving techniques. Geo-fencing only triggers on each update, so if it's on normal mode (5min) then you will be alerted once every 5 min if the app detects the tracker is out of the boundary. The modes will only change if the tracker is moving and has the signals it requires to work. So if you are switching back from power saving mode or any other mode but your cat/dog is currently indoor or somewhere with no Mobile + GPS reception then there will always be a delay till it moves out from under a building etc.

Remember! The tracker only works best when outdoors as GPS signal cannot get indoors and thus accuracy is anywhere from 0.5 to 30 metres! Always go to and read about “GPS accuracy” If you get a purple icon on your updates, that means the tracker is indoors and it's showing you the nearest cell tower, so make sure LBS assist is disabled so you only get updates when there is GPS signal.

*Please note: When your Petrek GPS is fully charged the red LED light will go off. There will be no solid Green as per instructed on your user guide, so please ignore the user guide and follow the video guides below.

Please view the intitial setup guide below followed by the iPet App guide. There is one for iPhone users and one for Android users to make sure you view the correct video.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The video below shows you how to download the older version iPet App. The new version iPet app is currently out for iPhone but can be a bit buggy depending on your iPhone version, so we recommend that you first download the iCare app (identical to the app shown in the video below. You can click and download the iCare app from your iPhone from the link below before clicking and carrying on with the video guide.