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Vodafone Pay & Go SIM + Setup Pack (For Petrek GPS only)


Vodafone Pay & Go SIM + Setup Pack (For Petrek GPS only)


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Would you like to have your Petrek GPS fully functional on delivery?
If you're not the most technical person and don't want to spend your time fidgeting with small screws then we can do it all for you.

By purchasing a Vodafone Pay & Go Prepay SIM card from us we'll also do the whole activation, registration, installation into the Petrek GPS and set it up all for you! This will even save your time and effort going to a store to purchase a suitable Vodafone SIM. 

How this works is simple, when you order a Petrek GPS and include a Vodafone Pay & Go SIM pack we will get the card all activated  and fitted into the Petrek GPS by a Petrek technician. So once you receive the tracker you just need to call up Vodafone to top up with $20 and start using your Petrek GPS or set a pin and add the SIM number into your Vodafone online account if you already have one.

If you already have a spare SIM or have shared plans at home with Vodafone then this option is not required. 

The reason the SIM on the Petrek GPS is optional is because we have many customers using family sharing plans and does not require extra Prepay SIM cards that can create extra costs. 

Please note all Petrek 3G unit come standard with Vodafone SIM cards already fitted due to their difficulty in inserting a SIM. 

Lintek and any of it’s agents and retailers do not take any responsibility if your pet is lost and is not found while using any of our trackers.