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PetFinder Guide

We recommend that you first learn the tracking tone so you know how far or close you are to the tags and what all the sounds mean.  So after you have put all the batteries in place and have them turned on, place a tag 20 metres away and one 50 metres or so away and follow the calibration guide on the user guide.

Once this is done, simulate as if your cat or dog is missing and just walk far away and back, listen to the sound and look at the signals. Never turn in circles, always keep walking one direction until the tracking tone increases it's rhythm. When not searching turn the base remote off, the tags will go to sleep so when you want to start tracking again, turn it on and give the tag up to 30 seconds to wake up. If it does not pick up, press the tracking button again, it will search for 15-20 seconds, so press it every 15-20 seconds until the tag wakes up and is in range.

If you have purchased extra LR Multi tags make sure you follow the step by step guide on the back of the LR Multi box.

Note: When not in range or when battery is low you will not be able to track the tags properly.

Video Guides: