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Petrek GPS & PetFinder Technology updates

Technology updates:

Lintek, the company behind Petrek and PetFinder brands are always looking at making better and more efficient pet trackers. For 5 years now it has never been easy to be one of the first in the world to have a range of pet trackers at affordable prices for the average suburban pet. However, times have changed and just like all technologies these days the team is quick to find ways to improve and thus increase more awareness on pet loss.

Later this year (End of 2015 or early 2016) Lintek will be launching their 4th Generation PetFinder’s and 3rd Generation Petrek GPS units.
The PetFinders will have almost double the tracking distance while the Petrek GPS will be launching a Mini version that may also shrink to half the size with the aim of becoming the worlds smallest fully functional GPS Pet tracker.

Also in the cards is an all new technology currently being developed which utilizes our RF technology with GPS that allows pet owners to find their pets of up to 1km with GPS pinpoint accuracy and without the need for any Mobile reception. The product will be a PetFinder mixed with a little bit of a Petrek GPS and perfect for those who live around rural areas with no mobile reception and demand maximum tracking range.