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TimTims letter to Mummy

Dear Meowmy

How are you? I know you must be going through the most unimaginable and painful time of your life and words cannot explain the pain you are feeling. Just like the time I couldn't pee without being in extreme pain while you were away in Japan working hard to bring me more treats and missing me ginger furrrr every second of course!

Meanwhile, that weird baldy guy would come to massage me and make me drool while the other guy who lived across from your room would make me eat those yukky medicines! Boy was that painful! But I lived another day because of you and stayed strong just for you and it was sure worth it because you came back just for me! Meow ❤️❤️❤️

(This was how I looked everynight when I woke up only to realise you were not back from Japan yet! Oh the horror!)

Thou, I may not seem like the type to think like this as I laze around the deck on a nice sunny day and meow at Grand Meowmy and Meowdy to watch me use my super claw paws to scratch a piece of wood so that I may get a treat! But I never stopped thinking about you and how I can be cuter for you and that will never change! 

(Check out my super claw paws! It's what I use to protect you from those evil neighbour cats who try to come claim my Meomy!)

But please Meowmy...forgive me for leaving you so early and I'm so sorry it had to be before your birthday!

Happy Birthday Meomy! You know I want you to be happy on your birthday because I would never have had this most wonderful and joyful life if you were never born! Who would have taken me in when I was a small, weak and a lost kitty if you weren't at that old place that was like a Zoo once with those chickens clucking in my territory!

So please, if you can, celebrate and enjoy the day you were born, because ❤️you❤️ are the reason for my existance, and the only Meowmy who was willing to accept me and give me the  unconditional love that no other cat would ever get!


Ok, I know it's still very hard and you will be sad in many months and years to come for me. But Meowmy, please know this, I am not gone and not as far away as you think! Even thou my nice fit (Yes i Do Cat Yoga now!) and fluffy sexy body is not around  anymore I am now in cat heaven meowing my positive paw wishes down to you every single day.

I hate seeing you sad.....but I believe time will heal and just like the time you came back from Japan twice for me we will meet again in Heaven! 

And don't worry about me Meowmy, I am doing great up here, I get unlimited non-weight gaining healthy treats and I don't even have to do any tricks to get them! The Kitty Angel also said I can eat whatever I like and anytime I want too! Meow❤️❤️❤️  Kitty Angel said I've been a faithful cat and have never thought of changing any Meowmys ever even when you were gone to explore the world so many times!

Look at my fit and fluffy body!! I am definitely in shape, round is shape!

Meowmy, I miss you and that will never change. You will be my one and only Meowmy and I will wait and practice being patient till we meet again. Kitty Angel promised me that we will meet again in heaven oneday but first you must live your life, stay positive and most importantly be happy always with what you can make of your life. You have so much more to live for and I could not have asked for more to be that growing part of your life.

Me practising Zen and becoming more patient and understanding in my wait to be with my Meomy again one day!

I wish I could be with Grand Meowmy, Grand Meowdy and my one and only Meowmy together right now. But I have done my part in life and when we have all done our part in life, we will be reunited in everlasting paradise where you can feed me those yummy non-weight gaining treats everyday meow❤️!

Thank you for everything you have done for me Meomy❤️
I have never lived a day with regret and you should not too.
I am not gone, and I will be around looking down from the clouds like how I look at you
from the sunny room deck wondering why I love you so much and how lucky I am.
We will meet again Meowmy so please dry your eyes for me and do things that make you happy. Seeing you happy also makes me treats taste better and my heaven furs more shiny! Not to mention being sad too much will also give you wrinkles, my Meowmy still looks 16 to me and she is too beautiful to have wrinkles!

Take care Meowmy and know that I will give you my 100% Paw support for every direction and path you choose. I will await your head rubs after you have done your part in life meow❤️!~

But now I must sleep as it is much more tiring than I thought to type you a letter from Cat Heaven! (Yes we get unlimited sunshine 24/7 in Cat Heaven, picture below is proof!)

Love you always