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Petrek GPS 2degrees setup guide

If you have decided to use your 2degrees Family sharing plan make sure you get a "standard" sized SIM from 2degreesa and make sure it is text and data capable as a minimum. 

Following all the instructions in the original Petrek GPS guide as found here

There will only be one step required to make the 2degree sim work.

Once you have followed the initial video guide on inserting the SIM card, charging and fitting etc. Please turn on your Petrek GPS unit and leave it outside.

Now, fiund the 2degree 022 number that your SIM card came with and send this text.


If there is no reply after say 2-3 min., go and shake the tracker, if no luck, turn it off, and on again.

You should get a reply 
"Setup OK: APN = internet"

Now go back to the iPet App setup video and carry on while leaving your tracker outside if you can.,

You should be all done after you've been through all the guides after the above steps.