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Ever been in a situation where you take your child or pet out for a casual walk only to turn around and find they aren’t behind you anymore? This is where the Wi-Leash might come in handy.

Lintek’s Wi-Leash is a Radio Frequency based Wireless leash with tracking functions. Consisting of a tracker for the user and a transmitter that easily attaches onto the pet’s collar and a lanyard for your child to easily wear when going to more senstitive places.


When your pet or child wanders off from 20-30 metres the user will get a warning bell alerting them to pay attention to either their pet or child. The distance warning bell can also be adjusted from 10m’s and up to over 30m’s especially if you are going overseas to areas where you require your child to be closer to you.

If in the unfortunate case of losing sight of your child or pet, the tracker can track the transmitter down by sound to a range of up to 100m, giving you a high chance of going towards the right direction in tracking your pet down.

The transmitter may also give a warning bell when out of a certain distance. This is popular with overseas dog trainers to train dogs to stop and sit when their collar sounds the alarm. On the otherhand, this is also very useful to have and can alarm the child that their parents might have wandered off without realising.

  • Prevents Pet Loss by Alerting the owner
  • Prevents child loss in malls and parks
  • Sleep Mode for longer battery life
  • Easily attaches to most collars
  • Comes with a lanyard for personal usage
  • Transmitter personalization
    • 1. All New RF Technology

Using the latest Digital RF technology, the Pet Tracker senses when the distance between the Tracker and Transmitter separates between 25~35m, triggering, a high 90dB alarm in both the Tracker and transmitter units , thereby alerting the pet owner to check the location of their pet. This can also be used to train your pet to stop when the transmitter beeps

    • 2. Smart Distance & Direction Indication

The Tracker unit can search for the Transmitter within a range of up to 100m. The separation distance is displayed by the LEDs on the Tracker unit. The closer the Tracker approaches the Transmitter, the more LEDs light up on the Tracker.

    • 3. Small Transmitter Size

The Transmitter is round in shape with no sharp edges to injure your Pet, and includes a rotatable hook for easy attachment to most pet collars. (The collar pictured is for reference only. It is not included in the packaging.)

    • 4. Sleep Mode

The Pet Tracker can be switched to “Sleep Mode” when the alarm function is not needed to give longer lasting battery life.

    • 5. Pet Personalization

Customize your pet’s Transmitter unit to your own taste.

    • 6. Water Splash Resistant Case

A water splash resistant case is included to protect the Transmitter unit from moisture and dirt.

    • 7. Long Battery Life

Battery life in Sleep Mode is 70~120 days. Battery life in Standby Mode is 40~75 days. (Search and Alarm functions decrease battery life.)

    • 8. RF Interference Prevention

The Special Data Encryption (SDE) on the RF data transmission allows 12,800 devices (max.)

  • Wi-Leash Tracker unit
  • Wi-Leash Transmitter unit
  • Splash proof transmitter protection case
  • Transmitter customisation stickers
  • Lanyard
  • Track unit belt clip

Tracker Spec
Size: 63x42x17mm
Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM
Battery : 303/AG13/LR44 x 3pcs
Switch (1 ) : Power on/off
Button (1 ) : Distance Detection status
Button (2 ) : LED Light on/off
Status/ Direction LED : 1~5 LEDs
LED Light : 1 White LED

Transmitter Spec
Size: dimension 45x12mm
Frequency:2.4GHz ISM
Battery: CR2032x 1pc
Switch : Power on/off